english summery:

SAVEing SPACES aims at activating transdisciplinary higher education as a field of research. As safe, physical, digital and social space of learning the project hopes to contribute to critical exchange and enable students and lecturers to collectively test theories, formats and tools in the new (not) normal, to learn and think learning in and for uncertainty and unsettling times.

architecture – planning – informatics – social work – education

The transdisciplinary research series is conceived and interpreted as place, activity, call, condition, affect and infrastructure. We negotiate knowledge production situative, performative, hybrid, tacit, situated, intersectional and transformative. Concepts between theory and practice of diverse (disciplinary) backgrounds are defined by the research interests of participating individuals framing themes and shaping process of collective collecting – reflecting – speculating on higher education.

How do we teach and learn?
Why, Where and When?
Who learns with and for Whom and What?

We as a group of students and lecturers want to collectively watch, document and actively design a new (not) normal in higher education and invite you to transdisciplinary share experiences, needs and interests to think and learn knowledge production and knowledge transfer.

join us for the Workshops or in the Lernraum
always open + every 2nd Wednesday 6:00 – 8:00 pm
drop-by OpenZoom https://tuwien.zoom.us/j/93658492423
Meeting-ID: 936 5849 2423
11.11. 20, 5.11. 2009.12.20, 06.01.21, 20.01.21, 03.02.21

hosts: Marlene Wagner, Sabrina Burtscher, Lauren Janko, Gilles Schneider.
contributions: Katta Spiel, Christoph Stoik, Katharina Brunnmayr, Tatjana Atanasoska, Inge Manka, Matthias Steinböck, Fares Kayali, Veronika Wladyga, Renée Sophie Singer, Lisa, Johannes Risp, Philipp Petrac, Philip Kaloumenos, MJ Hunter Brueggemann, Victoria Neumann t.b.c. see also about

architecture and planning TU Wien, https://ar.tuwien.ac.at
informatics TU Wien, https://informatics.tuwien.ac.at
social work FH Campus Wien, https://www.fh-campuswien.ac.at/departments/soziales.html
center for teacher education Universität Wien, https://lehrerinnenbildung.univie.ac.at
Claiming* Spaces Collective, http://www.claimingspaces.org
student representation of participating institutions.
CTS – Center for Technology and Society, https://cts.wien

For a structured, open process we ask for registration and would like to know more about position, perspective, personal experiences and motivation upfront. Contact details are only used for internal communication in the duration of the project and will not be shared without consent. Content will be labeled with name or preferred name if indicated.
Registration via Google-Form (without log-in) Alternative for download and send via email.

Questions, feedback or contributions mail to project lead: marlene.wagner@tuwien.ac.at

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