workshop publication

Im Rahmen des internationalen Workshops: Stories of Situated Pedagogies in Architecture and …3-4 October 2023 / Istanbul, Türkiye wurde das Projekt präsentiert und als Teil des Proceeding Books double-blind peer-to-peer reviewed 2024 publiziert.

“After the pandemic is before the pandemic. On cultures of learning in physical, digital and social spaces via the transdisciplinary action research SAVEing SPACES“ Marlene Wagner; Sabrina Burtscher; Lauren Janko; Gilles Schneider; Katharina Brunnmayr

Special Thanks goes to the organizing team at the ITU Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture and the project-network Socially situated Architectural Pedagogies (SArPe). More on Workshop and Network:

International Workshop on Stories of Situated Pedagogies in Architecture and…(1st:2023:Istanbul, Türkiye) Stories of Situated Pedagogies in Architecture and… International Workshop Proceedings Book, 03-04 October 2023, Istanbul / editors, Aslıhan Şenel, Bihter Almaç, Buse Özçelik, Büşra Balaban, Öykü Şimşek, Elif Nur Adıgüzel — Istanbul: İTÜ Yayınevi, 2024. 131 pages — (İTÜ Yayınevi. No: 2024.2/7) ISBN 978-975-561-645-2